Houten Deathfest

Probably No HDF in 2014

As some of you have already heard, sadly there will probably be no Houten Deathfest this year. This is our official statement regarding the matter.

HDF has always been part of an organisation but due to changes in the policy and funding in that organisation there is no room left for HDF. We have moved heaven and earth to find a suitable solution to keep continuing HDF in a way that works for both parties but unfortunately we could not come to a solution. We want to emphasize that this is because of changes made neither we or the organisation have any control over but has huge consequences for both.

This being said, we have to rebuild the organisation behind HDF in order to be able to organize a new edition and to be able to keep doing that for years to come. How we are going to do this is something we need to look into and do properly. This takes time, but we will continue!

We thank you for your understanding! Keep supporting us, we need it now more than ever!